Our company started its activities in 2009 with the production of die-casting and mold manufacturing. In time, he left the manufacturing of parts and gave weight to mold manufacturing. Our company, which mainly manufactures plastic molds, has increased its experience in metal injection molds. As a result of increasing customer demands, the first plastic injection machine was purchased in 2011 and plastic parts production was started.

As of today, our company continues to produce molds with 2 CNC vertical machining centers, 1 plunge erosion, 1 mold milling mill and other machinery and equipments.

Our company is in the plastic part 80 tons (150 g), 120 tons (250 g), 160 tons (350 g), 320 tons (900 g) which are to continue production with 4 plastic injection machine.

Our strategy as a company is to serve different sectors. The variety of sectors we serve as mold households and plastics production gives us experience and enables us to be more resistant to the economic problems that sectoral crises may cause.

Some of the sectors we serve include:
• Automotive (bus interior lighting, ventilation parts)
• Machine (various machine parts)
• Agricultural (agricultural spraying machine parts)
• Livestock (poultry equipment, cattle breeding equipment)
• Food (parts of the tea boiler)
• Furniture (plastic handle, plastic foot, etc.)


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